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For decades, equine assisted learning has unofficially proven to help develop leadership skills in some, life skills in those at-risk and specific skills in participants with special needs. In recent years, a number of equine assisted facilities scattered across the globe made numerous attempts to unify, certify and find recognition for their efforts with no avail. Until now. The creator has spent years researching the lasting benefits of Equine Assisted Learning and hundreds of hours developing a flexible/teachable curriculum that others could learn how to teach at a facility of their own. All the exercises and the certified course have been specifically designed to emphasize real-world training tailored to meet the equine and social service industries. A 5-year research study with the University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina confirm all learnings are retained through this experiential learning process with horses as the teachers.

Tamara MacKinnon 

Tamara is the Equine Assisted Learning's program designer. Tamara authored a number of EAL textbooks and EAL exercises now used at a number of the EAL educational facilities. With the growing demand for new material, revisions are now available along with new and improved EAL exercises. Tamara was born and raised in the United States where she learned to ride in the Rocky Mountains. Her experience with horses comes from years of swimming Idaho's infamous Snake River and packing into the backcountry wilderness to camp, hunt, and fish. Professionally, MacKinnon has chosen to work in the field of program development and marketing where she attributes McDonald's Corporation with giving her the foundational skills necessary for her to find success with national business dealings. Tamara holds a Masters Degree in Marketing and Program Development, a Bachelors Degree in Criminology, and an Associates Degree in Education.

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