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Welcome to the governing body of Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc. This is our global certified equine assisted learning educational website. We stand behind our horse course with helping our Certified Facilitators with ongoing training in this specialized horse field where the horse is the teacher and they help people get to the changes they are looking for.  


This site is designed so that our clients and organizations who are considering hiring one of our certified facilitators around the world will take comfort in knowing they are qualified, being an expert in their field. Number one thing our facilitators provide is SAFETY! The welfare of their horses is always foremost as that provides safety to all the clients participating in these results-oriented programs.


You will also find a comprehensive list of certified facilitators, facilitation centres and educational facilities, find quality certified EAL facilitators


The governing body ensures that their certified facilitators are maintaining their mandated hours and are continually learning their program objectives to ensure the facilitation of the learning process plus so much more. We don't just certify people and hope it all works. We work with our facilitators for the life of their careers. They also need to adhere to their country guidelines for ethical work with equines. 


Collaborating with Equine Guelph, the Horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph to bring the love of horses to future generations. It is our goal to help you find qualified facilitators; resources, research material, team building events, life skills program for youth and women, continuing education, leadership development, anti-bullying programs, or special skills development...dedicated professional to meet your needs.