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Welcome to the EAL Network! The governing body for Facilitators certified through the Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc.. The purpose of this network is to ensure the whole welfare of all horses who are teachers for Equine Connection Facilitators as well as ensure safety standards for all participants. 


Currently there are no other systems in the world of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) that ensure the welfare of horses and participants. Memberships that can be purchased, but nothing in place to ensure the safety of clients, or to protect the safety and full welfare of these magnificent creatures we work with - the horses.

This Governing Body was developed to fill that gap in the equine assisted learning industry to ensure a checks and balances system for the EC Facilitators across the globe.  Our primary goal is to ensure the safety of the horses, the clients and the integrity of EAL is held to the highest of standards and will also ensure the safest learning experience possible.

The core functions of a governing body are:

  • Set guidelines for ensuring the full welfare of the horse and the 5 Freedoms of the horse. 

  • Ensure the ethical and responsible treatment of horses.

  • Specifying key outcomes and ensuring there are adequate resources and support for facilitators to achieve these outcomes with clients.

  • Requiring a minimum number of working hours from the facilitators to ensure the quality of their programming.

  • Risk management through horse education and ongoing support.

  • Setting quality standards for horse care and facilitator ethics.

  • Ensuring programs are safe for horses and participants alike.

  • Ensuring that people are not practicing therapy with their clients if they do not have the credentials necessary to do so.

  • Ensuring Facilitators fulfil their Certification Requirements, are in good standing, and keep the highest standards of integrity. 



The governing body ensures that Certified Facilitators are maintaining their mandated hours and are continually learning program objectives - ensuring safety and appropriate facilitation of the learning process. Facilitators must also adhere to their country and provincial/state guidelines for ethical work with equines. 


We are dedicated to the Welfare of the Horse and through collaborating with Equine Guelph, the horse owner’s Centre at the University of Guelph, we move to ensure that welfare as well as to bring the love of horses to future generations.


Visit the EAL Network For Your Country & Find A Facilitator Near You!

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